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First off, I want to let you know that my site is undergoing some major structural changes, so I apologize if some urls point to missing pages. I’m working on it and hopefully I’ll finish in a week. Today is 2021-02-28.

This is a hobby website of mine. The goal of my site is to help designers and fashion sales reps to connect and develop business relationships. So, this is a B2B site.

I want to democratize access to information that is already publicly available to everyone. After talking to a few sales reps and designers, I understand that there is no real good marketplace to connect both professionals together. And that getting contact lists is very expensive.

I provide affordable contact lists, not because it’s not up to date, but, because this is a hobby site of mine and I have software that can verify a lot of the information and thereby keep costs down for you.

I show you how I check my info and I even tell you what I’m updating.

Contact List Verification

US Womens Apparel and Accessories Sales Reps Updates

European Sales Rep Updates

US Retail Apparel and Accessories Updates

I’m very transparent of the data I keep. I tell you when I last updated the data. You can even post responses on my updates.

What other website will allow people to publicly post comments about their contact lists? I haven’t seen one because they’re probably afraid to see the kind of comments customers will post.

Here are some of the ways I help you with your business:

  1. I have an affordable contact list on US Fashion Sales Reps
  2. I have an affordable contact list on International Sales Reps
  3. I have an affordable contact list on Retail Apparel Buyers
  4. This is brand new. And I hope this will really help designers and sales reps connect. I created a fashion Forum where you can post questions or classifieds. So, if you are a designer and you’re looking for reps, feel free to post an ad. I do moderate this and I am only posting for designer level lines.
  5. I have a list of free US Fashion Sales Reps. I am also starting to add 3 sales reps for free for each region. So far, I’ve done Atlanta, Denver, and Miami.
  6. If you are a designer, I am creating brands pages. See this example with A.L.C. This can give you more exposure and a link back to your site.
  7. If you are a sales rep, I am creating sales rep pages where you can showcase your clients brands. See an example with Apropo. This helps you get noticed with designers and you can also create a link back to your site.

Due to the pandemic, my International Sales Reps and Retail Apparel Buyers is being updated as many businesses have closed. So, I am not making them available for sale until that is complete.

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