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April 12, 2024

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Grow Your Contacts and Leads

We’ve consolidated the sources to find US fashion sales representative contact info and fashion agents from UK here at FindFashion Rep.

We’re adding fashion retailers fashion bloggers, fashion editors, and more leads to help you grow your business online.

What Are the Benefits of Hiring an Apparel Sales Rep?

Build Relationships

Fashion sales reps help fashion brands build relationships with their retailer customers. They work with retailers to get your lines placed in stores.

Increase Sales

The primary reason for hiring a fashion sales rep is to boost your sales. They make sales calls, and can conduct product demonstrations. Apparel reps can also work with retailers to develop sales strategies and promotional campaigns.

Market Insights

Fashion sales reps can provide fashion brands with valuable insights into the market. They can share information on consumer trends, competitor activity, and new opportunities for growth.

Product Knowledge

Fashion sales reps can help retailers understand the unique features and benefits of the fashion brand’s products. They can provide training and educational materials to help retailers sell the products more effectively.


Sales reps can represent the fashion brand at trade shows and events. They can showcase the brand’s products and answer questions from potential customers. This helps to build brand awareness and increase sales.

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Need to Scale Your Business

We know developing your brand is hard work.

FindFashion Rep finds and researches contacts in the fashion industry who can help you grow your brand.

We have case studies that can help you find and develop more leads for your apparel line.

Our sample case study below involves sustainable swimwear.

What’s Inside Our Members Area?

Look at what you’ll get as a member, free on our website! Save thousands of dollars of research by joining FindFashion Rep.

Sales Rep Contacts Accessible 24/7

US Sales Rep Contacts Accessible 24/7
Our contacts are accessible in mobile or desktop 24/7.

See a sample table here.

Brands Looking for Reps

If you’re a Sales Rep or Retailer looking for new brands to add to your product mix, get access to current brands looking for new opportunities.

We’re Constantly Adding New Contacts and Removing Inactive Ones

We are adding and trimming contacts periodically. We verify our contacts through email, phone, website and social media browsing

We’re Adding Retailers

See what retailers, domestic and international, brands are using to distribute their product lines.

For large retailers, we pull info from LinkedIn.
See some sample data here.

Case Studies to Give You Unique Contacts to Promote Your Brand

We are adding case studies that reveal unique contacts that can help promote your brand.

Custom Data Organized to Save You Time

We add custom data from shows and directories to save you research time.

See this custom data sample from the Chicago Collective

Discounts on Growth Marketing Tools

We have advanced tools to help you grow your business.
Get 30 to 50% off these tools!
These aren’t one year discounts.
These are discounts for as long as you continue uninterrupted payments!

Business Growth

I am putting together a learning section on growing your business specific for fashion brands and retailers. Learn how to grow your sales online and in-store. Find valuable resources to help you grow in this cutthroat industry.

What Brands are Looking for Reps Right Now?

Are you a Sales Rep or Retailer?

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Some are well established brands looking to add a rep for a new territory or change reps.

Premium Membership

Current members registered on my site are the only members who can get access (by paying) to my Premium Membership content.

Premium Membership Benefits

Specialized Sales Rep Categories

Specialized categorization of US Sales Reps:

  • US Jewelry Reps
  • US Accessory Reps
  • US Swimwear Reps

International Fashion Agents

Grow your contacts internationally:

  • European Fashion Agents (excluding Russia)
  • Canadian Apparel Sales Reps
  • Asian Fashion Agents (excluding China)

Growth Marketing Tools

$40 / month credit on growth tools:

  • Lead Generation
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Automation

Sales Rep Sources

Find out where I get my contacts for US Fashion Sales Reps

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Our Story

FindFashion Rep started in 2007 by Kelli Benson.

We first started by consolidating independent apparel sales rep contact info across the US. Later we added small independent US retail boutiques.

Today, we’re adding bloggers, influencers, and other B2B leads, both US and International to help grow your brand.

Why pay high fees for the contact info of apparel or accessory sales reps when they’re free on the internet? You just have to know where to look and do some research.

FindFashion Rep is helping brands know where to look and pulling that information together to save you time and make it more accessible for you.

Find contacts based on fashion hubs (geography) on our public site right now for free.

Register as a Member and get more contact information pulled together in our members section. Read case studies, find influencers, bloggers, fashion editors and get huge discounts on growth marketing tools!