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Membership at FindFashion Rep offers fashion professionals contact lists for fashion sales reps and retail apparel buyers for one low price.


Contact Lists

Our Fashion Contact lists include US Apparel Sales Reps, International Apparel Sales Reps (currently being added), and US Retail Buyers (coming) to help you grow your sales.

Currently, we are adding to our International Apparel Sales Reps and US Retail Buyers.

You can see updates here.

Sales Representatives

Retail Buyers

International Distributors

US Sales Reps

US Apparel Sales Reps

Our list of sales reps is mapped out on Google Maps and accessible 24/7.

We currently have over 400 reps listed across 12 Fashion Hubs in the United States.

International Apparel Sales Reps

FindFashion Rep is currently adding to our International Apparel Sales Reps.

We have reps listed in the UK, France, and Germany. We’ll be adding up to 300 apparel reps in total over the next short while.

International Sales Reps
US Fashion Retail Buyers

US Retail Fashion Buyers

We have over 400 US retail fashion buyers to add to our list.

Lifetime Access to Contact Lists

Our membership provides you with lifetime access to our contact lists.

Get new contacts monthly. All for one low price and don’t pay again for access!


Buy Lifetime Access Now

Right now, our membership gives you access to over 400 apparel sales reps across the US. We are currently adding International Apparel Sales Reps, and once we add the US Retail Fashion Buyers, the price is going up to $450. Get it now while it’s still in development.

Check Out some Free Listings

We offer some free listings of US Apparel Sales Reps mapped out onto Google Maps.

Our goal is to offer a low-cost alternative to the high cost of contact lists by fostering a site that encourages designers to help one another with discussion around sales reps and fashion buyers.

On each map, designers can comment on listings to help keep the contact list current or to add important info about sales reps or buyers.