FindFashion Rep is an independent business focusing on providing business contact lists for fashion professionals.

We offer a membership for designers that provides contact list information in a community and transparent setting.

FindFashion Rep was founded by Kelli Benson in 2007 and has provided for over 23,000 fashion professionals who have used the platform.

Kelli’s idea for FindFashionRep.com blossomed from her knowledge and career history in the fashion industry.

As a designer/manufacturer of her own line of women’s apparel for twelve years, Kelli knew there was a need for a business to business informational marketplace for the fashion industry.

To provide accurate data for emerging designers when building and sustaining a profitable company were just a few of the top priorities for Kelli when launching FindFashionRep.com.

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Hello 2021!

Hello Fashion Professionals! I wish to extend a big thank you to Kelli for letting me take over FindFashion.com and FindFashionRep.com in mid-2019.

Kelli’s FindFashion.com has moved to FindFashionRep.com.

And FindFashion.com will be turned into something else. It’s in the idea phase.

It is my desire and goal to continue Kelli’s work and maintain and improve upon the contact lists Kelli started 12 years ago.

Last year, I focused on maintaining the site and updating the lists.

My focus this year is to really figure out how to connect designers with reps.

To that end, I’ll be making this site a community website where designers and sales reps can connect.

And that will be my focus in 2021.

Our Lists

We maintain 3 core contact lists:

Independent Fashion Apparel Sales Reps

Fashion Apparel Retail Buyers

International Fashion Distributors

Independent Sales Reps

Fashion Retail Buyers

International Fashion Distributors