About FindFashion Rep

Do you want more B2B contacts?

You’ve come to the right place. FindFashion Rep is the place for finding key fashion business contacts, including: Independent apparel sales reps, independent accessory sales reps, apparel buyers and accessory buyers.

What FindFashion Rep is All About

Have you wondered how to find and consolidate all the fashion contacts you need to get your brand selling?

My free membership site will help you solve that. Right now, I’ve included all the independent apparel sales rep contacts in 12 tables each corresponding to a fashion hub in the United States.

And if I haven’t added it to my database, I tell you where to find them.

On top of US apparel sales reps, I’ll soon be adding a Premium membership. With Premium membership, you’ll get access to international apparel sales reps, and international apparel and accessory buyers.

Premium members will also get access to growth marketing tools.

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