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US Apparel Sales Reps Note that many reps have not been updated in about 3 years. The pandemic has affected the status of many reps in a significant way. The last updated column has been added recently. If it’s blank or has 2020-01-01, I don’t know the date the record was updated.

Free Invoice Templates

Recently, I saw some sellers selling invoice templates on Etsy. Some of them seem to be making a good business out of it. However, you can get them for free too. And many seem better than the ones on Etsy that you pay for! Looks like a good business opportunity 🙂 Although we are all … Read more

Online Case Study: Frame (Designers & Sales Reps)

Description Our brand aesthetic yields timeless, premium denim products with thoughtful, slow fashion in mind. FRAME product design and development revolves around how we can best preserve Earth’s natural resources. We seek materials with minimal impact—and when we can’t find fabrics that meet our sustainability standards, we make them ourselves. Links back to their site … Read more