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I know that it’s sometimes worrying buying contact lists. You have no idea how current the list is and from what I’ve seen, it’s not very transparent as to how it’s updated and maintained or how current the data is.

That is why I’ve created these two videos to show you how I check that my info is current.

How I Verify My Websites

How I Verify My Emails

You can see screenshots of my checks including the date it’s been checked. I just recently started this and right now (2021-05-27) it’s available on 4 contact lists. As I update and verify my lists, these will be available for all the lists.

I’m also starting another email check where I send out emails directly to the sales reps. I can confirm whether it arrives in their inbox, whether they opened it, and if they clicked on any links. I’m just starting this and I’ve done it with 6 regions already. This confirms almost with 100% accuracy if the email is valid or not.

By knowing who can receive the emails or not, you can tell whether your emails are getting through or if your email domain or service is working well or not.

For example, if my email is getting through, but, yours isn’t, then you know that something could be wrong with your domain or your mail service.

Now, the most exciting data I’m adding to my list that is probably exclusive to my list is a points system based on the sales reps activity.

They will have higher points if they open my emails, reply, click on links or visit my site based on my email campaigns to them.

Targeting the sales reps with the most points probably will give you the best results with respect to getting a response from them. This can save you valuable time. This is only available to paid members.

San Francisco sales reps phone number validation

If you want help with your lists verified, I can offer it for free if it has to do with the fashion industry such as verifying retailers, sales reps, manufacturers, wholesalers, fashion models, or other related fashion professionals. Please contact me.


How I Verify My Phone Numbers

I use an application that can bulk check phone numbers to see if they are working still.

How I Verify phone numbers

Members get a screenshot of my latest results that looks like this below. Like above, this is new and I only have it done for 4 lists as of 2021-05-27. As I continue to update and verify my lists, these type of screenshots will be available for all the lists.

You can see how many I tested, how many were valid, and when I performed the test.

Note that after I see the results, I fix the issues accordingly. I don’t show a new screenshot afterwards though.

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