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Free Invoice Templates

Recently, I saw some sellers selling invoice templates on Etsy. Some of them seem to be making a good business out of it. However, you can get them for free too. And many seem better than the ones on Etsy that you pay for! Looks like a good business opportunity 🙂 Although we are all … Read more

Why You Should Avoid TikTok (Members)

I know that as a brand, you’re always looking for the next growth channel. For sure, TikTok is probably on your radar, or you’ve already delved into it. But, should you? I’m actually an investor and trader. I run this site as a hobby. I’m always on the lookout for new investments to make money. … Read more

The Dark Side of Fashion

The dark side of fashion that litters the ocean.

I’ve collected an assortment of videos that shows the dark side of fashion from it’s animal cruelty to the environmental damage to unsafe working conditions.