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  • Free Invoice Templates

    Recently, I saw some sellers selling invoice templates on Etsy. Some of them seem to be making a good business out of it. However, you can get them for free too. And many seem better than the ones on Etsy that you pay for! Looks like a good business opportunity 🙂 Although we are all…

  • The Dark Side of Fashion

    The Dark Side of Fashion

    I’ve collected an assortment of videos that shows the dark side of fashion from it’s animal cruelty to the environmental damage to unsafe working conditions.

  • US Clothing Manufacturers

    US Clothing Manufacturers

    If you want to go directly to the manufacturer to create your own line, we have listed a few US clothing manufacturers you may be interested in. I include some manufacturers with production facilities outside the US, but, with an administrative office in the US. ClothingManufacturer MOQ Production Facility Organic Apparel USA 400 per color…

  • Fashion Weeks Around the World

    Fashion Weeks Around the World

    In this post, I want to list some of the major fashion weeks around the world. The main 4 are New York, London, Milan, and Paris.

  • Where to Get Grants and Donations in Fashion

    Where to Get Grants and Donations in Fashion

    Recently, I read about a fashion designer that got some funding from an insurance company! The insurance company was Canada Life. And they gave a $10k dollar grant for the designer to pivot her business from wedding dresses to casual wear and masks. So, how do you find out about these things apart from happening…