US Apparel Sales Reps

Our US Apparel Sales Reps contact lists covers 12 fashion hubs across the United States:

  1. Atlanta
  2. Boston (New England)
  3. Chicago
  4. Dallas
  5. Denver
  6. Los Angeles
  7. Miami
  8. Mid-Atlantic
  9. Minneapolis*
  10. New York
  11. San Francisco
  12. Seattle*

Although I listed Minneapolis and Seattle, I actually don’t have more than a handful of combined contacts between the two hubs and as such, I don’t sell those two lists. I’ll be posting those for free in due time.

There are also 2 more lists that are not region specific:

Those two lists are not sold by territory like the womens lists above. They are individual lists for all of the US.

I offer a few free contact listings for all the hubs and if you wish to buy more, you can do so with the link on each page.

These pages are for the public. Paid Members see a different page with more contacts according to the fashion hub you have access to.

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Sales Rep Contact List FAQ

Brands Anorak, Bernie Mev, Brand Bazaar, Caryn Lawn, Crown Jewel, Emerson and Oliver, Emi Jay, Gigi Moda, Haute Shore, Hera, Jaded Gypsy, Joh, Julie ...

Miami sales reps generally cover the territory of Florida state. We offer 3 free listings to get you started.

Denver Sales Reps generally cover the areas of: Colorado, Utah, Kansas, Maryland, MIssouri. North Dakota, South Dakota. We offer 3 free contacts to get you ...

Atlanta apparel sales reps generally cover the area of: Georgia, Alabama, South & North Carolina, Tennessee, Arkansas, Mississippi. You should ...

San Francisco apparel sales reps generally cover the areas of: California, Oregon, Nevada, Washington, Idaho. Contact sales reps directly to find out ...

Sales reps from our Boston hub generally covers New England and possibly parts of New York. New England is a region composed of 6 states in northeastern ...

Get 3 free sales reps contact info for Chicago.

We provide 5 free listings of Los Angeles apparel sales reps to get you started with your fashion business.

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