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We review over 450 multi line independent fashion apparel sales reps and sales agencies in our database periodically to verify and update the company contact information.

Sales Reps Platform via Google Maps

Over the last 12 years, our comprehensive business contacts database has helped fashion designers find and hire the right multi line independent sales reps located in any of the twelve fashion hubs across the United States. 

We want to offer the most helpful service for our designer customers.

We also need a system that is easily managed on our end.

After 12 years, this system needed a revamp.

We’ve closed our platform to new customers and will retire it after our last subscriber cancels their subscription.

In 2020, we are now offering a new way to search for independent apparel and accessories sales reps via Google Maps.

What Territories Can you Search?

Atlanta Apparel Sales Reps

The territory covered by Atlanta fashion sales reps are Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina & North Carolina, Tennessee, Arkansas, and Mississippi. The Atlanta territory in our database has over 50 commissioned based, independent sales reps, otherwise, known as “fashion reps.”

Boston (New England) Apparel Sales Reps

Our Boston sales reps covers New England (Massachusetts, Maine, Rhode Island, Vermont, New Hampshire) and upstate New York.

Most reps in Boston are “on the road” constantly and usually don’t have a showroom, which is why they are called, “road reps”.

Photo by: Priscilla Liguori

Chicago Apparel Sales Reps

The territory often covered by Chicago fashion reps are Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio. 

Dallas Apparel Sales Reps

Dallas fashion reps often covers the states of Texas, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Louisiana.

Denver Apparel Sales Reps

Denver fashion reps generally covers Colorado, Wyoming, Nebraska, Kansas

Other Territories

Los Angeles Apparel Sales Reps

Miami Apparel Sales Reps

Mid-Atlantic Apparel Sales Reps

Minneapolis Apparel Sales Reps

New York Apparel Sales Reps

San Francisco Apparel Sales Reps

Seattle Apparel Sales Reps

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Apparel Sales Reps

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