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      Cedric Liem

      I know many designers come to my site to look for some advice or consultants for their fashion business.

      You could try showrooms since the owners must be able to offer advice considering they run fashion showrooms and are usually fashion designers or former designers themselves.

      I offer many free listings with contact info of showrooms across the US. You can browse my US Apparel Sales Reps to get that info.

      I’ve identified two designers that specialize in the consulting part. If I come across more that specialize in this area, I’ll list them here.

      For now, here are two that I’ve spoken with and have dealt with.

      Danielle Montreuil
      [email protected]
      You can see their ad in another post:
      I also have Danielle listed in my free Miami Apparel Sales Reps listings.

      Sarah Shaw Consulting
      Although I have her email, she prefers people to contact her here:
      Book an Appointment with Sarah Shaw

      Here are more consultants that offer consulting services or offer courses for your design business.

      Fashion Angel Warrior
      Owner: Christine Daal
      According to her website, she can help no matter what your budget is and with starting a brand to learning to become a designer. She seems very prominent in the industry and had early success in her career. She became Head Designer at 24 and VP by 30.
      Website: Fashion Angel Warrior

      Virtue + Vice
      Owner: Melanie DiSalvo
      When I saw this site, I immediately wanted to feature this business because it was about sustainable and ethical manufacturing. It’s actually an area I’m thinking I’ll focus my site on and eventually only keep contacts in this area. If you want to get into this area, Virtue + Vice and the owner Melanie looks like a place to check out.

      Melanie offers a startup mentorship class. And she also offers a free startup crash course. Obviously, you may want to check out her free course to see if paying for her mentorship class will work for you.

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