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      Cedric Liem

      If you know me, I’m not a fashion designer and I don’t have a background in fashion at all.

      But, I can do research. And reading this post, you will get info from someone who isn’t influenced or biased in this area.

      I did my MBA and took many investment courses outside of school. I’m in my late 40’s now and I can honestly say, I learned the most valuable information from the internet, during this pandemic, than I did from any of my traditional school or certifications.

      In fact, now, I don’t even care whether my daughter goes to university. I think it’s a huge waste of money and time. You can learn what you need to learn at a fraction of the cost and time from the right people with online courses. I think if you learned online for 4 years like you did in university and paid as much for courses, you can get the most important information in your life and you’ll have the groundwork for a lifetime of wealth.

      But, I wouldn’t pay that much like I did for university, that’s crazy. At the same time, you can also lose a lot of money from online course scammers. So, you do have to be careful.

      In any case, let’s get started with the article.

      I searched YouTube for videos on how to become a fashion designer.

      One of the videos that I really liked was by Zoe Hong. She mentions 3 ways to become one:

      1. Graduate from college
      2. Start a business
      3. Freelance

      Can you become a fashion designer from watching her videos? (Not just this one I’m listing)


      And based on people’s comments on her video, you’ll learn more than from school!

      Subjects You Need to Know (not in order of importance):

      1. Design
      2. Color
      3. Fabric (based on the way she talks about this, this is highly important)
      4. Sustainability
      5. Drawing and Illustration
      6. Technical Design (product development)
      7. Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop
      8. Garment Construction (pattern drafting, draping, and sewing)
      9. Apparel Manufacturing and Business Practices (production and distribution)
      10. Fashion and Costume History

      She doesn’t allow embedding of her videos outside of YouTube, so here is her link:

      How to Become a Fashion Designer

      Zoe Hong YouTube Channel link

      I searched for more videos about how to become a fashion designer and found this series of videos from British Vogue with Alexa Chung. These are 5 years old videos, so I don’t know how much has changed or how useful it is.

      Zoe Hong still creates new videos, so I would think her videos are more current and relevant. Based on the comments and interaction from viewers, I would also say her videos are very relevant and valuable. They are also more practical.

      I didn’t watch the whole video from Vogue, I only watched a few minutes and Vogue’s video seems more high level, someone’s experience type video. Zoe gives real, practical videos which you can use and apply.

      Another channel I saw was called So Called Fashion. This channel is about 1 year old and it looks like the designer is really trying to start a YouTube channel as he’s created a lot of videos and is still creating new videos. He doesn’t have as much subscribers as Zoe, but, he’s passed the 2k mark and his videos will probably continue to attract more subscribers if his content is good.

      S1 E1 – How to Beak into the Fashion Industry

      S1 E2 – How to Become a Fashion Designer

      So, this post isn’t going to tell you how to become a fashion designer. I just wanted to give you leads on that and also start a conversation.

      Obviously you can check Google. But, I think Zoe’s channel was fantastic. She has the video on how to become a fashion designer and she has specific videos on each of the skills she outlines you need.

      I hope some real designers will give some input to this thread and help out on aspiring designers.

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