Free Invoice Templates

Recently, I saw some sellers selling invoice templates on Etsy. Some of them seem to be making a good business out of it.

However, you can get them for free too. And many seem better than the ones on Etsy that you pay for! Looks like a good business opportunity ๐Ÿ™‚

Although we are all going digital, having some paper copies of invoices is still faster for clients, especially at the trade shows. They’re also useful at the trade shows if the internet is not working or whatever technical issues may arise that prevents you from filling it out online or on your computer.

Here are some places to get some invoice templates for free and they won’t have a watermark on them. They may have a link back to their website, but, you can change it or delete it.

There are more sites, but, I included companies that I’ve heard of and thought you might find interesting for your business as well.





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