International Fashion Distributors and Fashion Sales Agencies

The International Distributors section consists of over 300 apparel distributors and sales agents from over 30 countries. Information provided is name, address, phone and email address.

Scale Your Business and Expand Your Sales

For established fashion brands looking to increase sales through international means, FindFashion Rep’s international distributor list is a comprehensive, user friendly, cost effective method to finding the right apparel distributor or sales agent in a specific country in the fashion industry. Thereby assisting you in expanding internationally.

Expanding overseas can be tricky without adequate information regarding country taxes and duties involved. Knowing what your line will retail for in a foreign country after all taxes are duties are included is critical in determining if your line will retail in a specific country. is a useful website for U.S. companies. Assisting in product classification for fashion goods, duties and taxes in Canada, Europe, China, and Mexico.

For Canadians, check out Export Canada for help with expanding abroad.



We have listings of fashion agents in 25 countries across Europe including the countries of the major fashion capitals,  France, Italy, and the UK.


We have contacts in South Korea and Japan.


Not really known for fashion at an international level, Canada has 20 fashion agencies mainly between Toronto and Montreal.

Broad International Coverage

Our International Fashion Distributor list covers Europe, Asia, and North America.




Don’t be afraid!


International sales can be exciting! There is a bit more paperwork involved. However, with the use of a customs broker, you can easily manage the regulatory rules and expand your sales into new countries.

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International Fashion Distributors List