Lead Generation Offer for Sales Reps

Please watch this 6 minute video showing how I’ve ranked at the top of Google for key search terms on my site. Being listed on my site can bring you potential customers passively.

Cost is only $10 / month and I include access to SocialBee.io Accelerate Plan worth $39 / month. See their website and check their pricing.

If you don’t need SocialBee, then I can also offer you the Shor Pro Plan instead.

If you’re interested in buying this service, fill out the form below.


Please note that there is no guarantee of referrals.

I cannot guarantee I’ll always remain on the first page of Google, but, if you notice before me that I’m not on the first page, let me know and I’ll try and boost it back to the first page.

If you have questions, send me a note on my contact page.

Note: As of July 4, 2022, I’m in the top 3 listings of Google for all my 12 fashion hubs.

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