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What is in the Newsletter? (For Designers)

The main info I provide for fashion designers are sales reps, buyers, or other contacts to help you with your business.

I give tips on email marketing because that relates to getting contacts.

And I find tools that help you grow your business online. Things like social media management software such as Social Bee (affiliate link) when you’re ready to step up your social media marketing.

I occasionally mention sales reps who are actively looking for new brands to promote.

I have 5 lists to choose from based on your profession. I try to keep a segregated list so that I send you relevant info.

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What’s in the Newsletter? (For Sales Reps)

The main info I provide are tips for marketing as it relates to promoting your designers’ brands. I find software tools that can help you promote your business online.

Many of the tools I find for the designers are probably good for you as well and for any business that wants to promote their business or their clients. In addition to Social Bee I mentioned above, I help you find other tools such as Shorby that allows you to have effective and conversion focused Instagram bio pages with more than one link. You can check out my Instagram page here.

I also occasionally mention fashion designers who are actively looking for a new sales rep to work with.