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Designer Membership Info

This is 1 year access to our new Contacts Lists membership. When you purchase a Complete membership, you will get access to five key contact groups:

  1. US Fashion Sales Reps (Womens, Mens, and Children)
  2. International Fashion Sales Reps (outside the USA) – currently being added
  3. Apparel Retail Buyers – to be added
  4. Children
  5. Men

Sales Rep info is┬álaid out in table format and can be exported to csv, Excel, or printed. If you find any issues with the contact info, feel free to put a comment at the bottom of the page or send me an email. I will update the info. To be transparent, I’ll be posting when and what updates I make to the contact lists. And members can post comments as well and add notes about specific sales reps or retailers. I don’t think you’ll find any contact lists that are this transparent anywhere else. I truly believe that a supportive membership will enable you to get better contacts at a lower price. You can see how I check my contact info and the updates I make to my data here.

Length of Access: 1 Year.

Other Membership Benefits

Once a month, I offer up to 2,000 emails verified for free. That’s worth about $20 to $25. Just send me an email list in text format (one email per line) and I’ll have it tested for you for free!

If you have duplicate emails in there, it will be de-duped automatically. This benefit is not on a per member basis, it’s just 2000 emails per month on a first come first serve basis. If you have more, I offer 1000 emails for only CAD $5. That’s about a 25% discount if you paid in US dollars due to currency conversion rates.

This free service only tests whether the email is valid. I cannot tell you that the email truly belongs to the person you want it to go to or whether the person will open your email. It only tests if the email is valid. It has about a 3% error rate, which is within industry standards. However, it really depends on the emails being tested.

Each purchase is reviewed manually before access is given. It may require that you respond to our email from your company (fashion designer or manufacturer) email address before access is given.

This is a limited time Bonus offer during the current crisis environment: If you sign up now, you’ll get 1 year of access to SocialBee Bootstrap plan. That is worth $19/month or $228 over 1 year. This pays for the membership.

No contract! No credit card required. You won’t be renewed. But, if you want to renew, you’ll be able to for only $50 / year!

You can check out the site here (affiliate link): So, even if you didn’t like all the contacts I have on my site, you will get access to SocialBee for 1 year for free.

I only have 10 accounts available for the bonus. You don’t get support from SocialBee. You have to use their documentation. Their documentation is excellent. If you really like the product, which I’m sure you will, you can always sign up directly with them for full support. But, if you don’t need the support and don’t mind using their documentation only, you can stick with me and get access at a discount.

— Note that although this is a virtual product, I still require address info, state and country, at a minimum for tax purposes. Access provided for for your access only. Information is not to be be resold or republished in any form.

Specification: Designer Membership

Your Interest Womens (US), Mens (US), Children (US), International (Outside the US), Retail Buyers (US), All