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Important Notice:

We've closed off access to our database except for current customers.

We are now offering a new full-service apparel sales rep search for you instead.

Our New Service for 2020!

FindFashionRep will review your line and find suitable apparel sales reps for you. We'll search our database and use our knowledge of our database to find the right match for you.

Save time from buying lists and searching, weeding, emailing and/or calling and managing the multiple conversations with different reps only to be rejected.

Maybe you'll find some out of date contact info that frustrates you. Let FindFashionRep handle that tedious stuff and don't bother dealing with out of date info.

You'll just get reps that are interested in your line.

We'll send the sales reps your lines and bcc you so you know who we are contacting.

It will look much more professional having a specialized company like ours contacting and presenting your lines.

When a sales rep is interested, we'll hand over the conversation to you to close the deal or review the sales rep further to see if they are a fit.

Length of contract: 2 months.

It's best to email me first to discuss before making the purchase.


Note that we require address info for tax purposes even though this is a digital service. At a minimum, your state / province, and country are needed.

I can only do 1 client a month for this service.



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