Copy a Google Maps Search Results into Excel


What is your Google Maps ( search query? * 

Type in the exact search you used on Google Maps.

You must use, not Canada, not UK, or anything else. You can search for cities outside the USA, but, you still must use

How Many Results? * (+$0.20)

How many results do you want from your Google Maps query? (Please enter multiples of 5. Round up your results.)

There is a minimum fee of $5. So, for any query with less than 25 results, just type 25.

There is a maximum of 500 results. If you would like to do more, please send me a note first.

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Have you ever wanted your Google Maps Search results copied into an Excel spreadsheet?

We can do that for you!

Tell us the exact search you did on and we'll send you the results in Excel!

It's that easy.

See this example of "clothing stores near toronto"

This is the first 10 results.

Try it now and save time!

There are no refunds once I have downloaded the results, even if I haven't emailed you the results yet. Because at that point, I have already done the work.

If I haven't done the work, I have no problems providing a refund if you change your mind.

Time frame for delivery: Usually in 1 business day.


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