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Legal Stuff (In plain english)

FindFashion Rep accepts fashion apparel designers, sales reps, and retailers as members indefinitely.

You agree to remove yourself as a Member or to inform FindFashion Rep if your profession changes to something not listed above.

You agree not to make a profit re-selling the info contained in the Members only info, unless you get authorization from FindFashion Rep.

It’s my intention for you to make a profit by using the info to contact a lead and hopefully generate a profitable deal. That’s the purpose of the work at FindFashion Rep.

If you are a consultant and you wish to use the info for your consulting business, you may purchase a membership. Continue with the filling out the form first and select Consultant. I’ll get in touch with you.

FindFashion Rep collects this information by browsing the internet and consolidating the information to save you time. We do not check contacts for criminal activity or suspicious behaviour or history.

Consequently, if that lead commits fraud or something ill towards you, you agree not to hold FindFashion Rep, the owner, the owner’s family, heirs, or estate liable for any damages or losses whatsoever.

Information contained on the website is “as-is” and FindFashion Rep does not guarantee the accuracy of the information. As such, we want to re-iterate that you agree not to hold FindFashion Rep, the owner, the owner’s family, heirs, or estate liable for any damages or losses whatsoever from the use of information from our site or correspondence between us.

If you do not agree to this, do not access this website or use anything from this website including the members area.

Contact information, in particular, can change at any time without our knowledge. We cannot control or know everyone we search on the internet. We do not claim to know any of the reps or contacts posted on this website.

Your membership may be terminated at any time at the discretion of FindFashion Rep.

Does everyone get access?


Membership is meant for fashion designers, sales reps, and retailers. Membership is also curated.

I do prefer sustainable over fast fashion when making a decision.

I also want to limit the countries you’re located in.

I also prioritize physical stores over dropshippers.

I want to develop a certain community of designers, retailers, and sales reps in my site.

Why didn’t I get access?

I focus the most on US based apparel. Then most of Europe, and Australia, New Zealand, and Canada.

If I look at your brand and I can’t tell where it comes from with some substantive documentation on your site that you’re really from the US, Canada, Europe, or the country that you claim it comes from, then I won’t list your brand.

Why are you making me log In for the info?

I want to develop a community. And I look at everyone who joins. It’s not about having as many people join. I can automate this if I want, it’s easy and definitely less time for me.

A website is the best way from my end because if I create a FB or Instagram or other social media group I don’t have control over the platform.

And you’ve probably heard about creators losing their FB Page or Instagram account without warning. All your contacts are gone just like that. And some businesses rely almost completely on their social media platforms.

With a website, it’s under my control, not someone else’s.

If I don’t get access is there another way you can help me?


You can follow me on my FB Page.

I also provide some free listings of sales reps here.

Please note: Before filling this form in, please indicate your brand headquarters country. Not where you want to sell.

Everyone is putting down the USA. I get it. Everyone wants to sell in the USA to make more money.

But, I manually check each submission. I can tell if you’re not from the USA. Particularly when your website is in another language!

It ruins my statistics. Please put down the country of origin headoffice.

  • What best describes your profession?
  • Select the country of your head office. If your country is not there, send me an email first.
  • Please put your company Instagram username (without @) or full Instagram url
  • If you don't have a website yet, just put down my website address.
  • Enter a username to be used to login if you are given access