Fashion Retail Apparel Buyers Contact Lists

The Fashion Retail Apparel Buyers Lists from offers five categories of contact lists of retail buyers:

  • Womens Jewelry & Accessory Buyers
  • Womens Contemporary & Designer Buyers
  • Womens Updated Contemporary & Bridge Buyers
  • Mens Buyers
  • Childrens Buyers

Buyer Contacts

Each list consists of approximately 400 retailers. All stores are better specialty boutiques throughout the United States. The information provided is name of buyer, address, phone, and buyers email address.

We’ve recently updated the Womens Contemporary & Designers list and now have the website address.

All stores are researched and compiled into the correct category. Retail data is reviewed periodically throughout the year.

Large retail outlets are not included in the lists. For example, Barney’s or Nordstrom. The list is mostly made up of small to medium sized boutique outlets.

buyer Contact lists

Womens Contemporary & Designer Buyer Contacts

Approximately 400 retailers to choose from.

Includes the store, buyers, address, phone, email, and categories the store specializes in.

The website address is now available. Please contact us if you need the website address as well.

We have limited the retailers to those that have websites and at least 95% or more have e-commerce on their sites.

Womens Updated Contemporary & Bridge Buyer Contacts

We have over 200 contacts for retailers that include clothing for the more mature woman.

Mens Apparel & Accessories Buyer Contacts

Our Mens contact list includes mens’ accessories as they are just as important as the clothing. We have approximately 325 retailers across the US in our list.

Website address is now available upon request.

Childrens Apparel Buyer Contacts

Our childrens apparel buyer list has over 200 retailers.

What do you get?

Our fashion contact lists will arrive in your email as a PDF.

You will get the following pieces of info:
Buyer Name

Custom Contact List

Custom lists are $1 per lead.

You can email me a request for a particular state and / or product line.

The Big Question: How Do I Know the Data is Current?

I use software to check the results. See the image above. This is a check for emails and I have similar software for checking the websites.

I can then download the results and check all the invalid emails and either correct them or remove them.

And this is how one person can manage a large list of contacts without using a team.