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San Francisco Apparel Sales Reps

San Francisco apparel sales reps generally cover the areas of:

California, Oregon, Nevada, Washington, Idaho.

Contact sales reps directly to find out the exact territories covered.

Mary Joya Showroom

Mary Joya Showroom is a forward and friendly showroom, representing emerging and established designers.


Free People Wholesale
Intimately Free People
Free People Shoes
FP Movement
We The Free
BDG Urban Outfitters
Three Dots
Bolsa Nova


Sales Rep: Mary Joya

Phone: 213.622.2233

Email: [email protected]

Kathy Franz Collection


Mary Frances, Latico, LVA, Hotsox, Ozone, STG Save the Girls, Legale, Davco, B Ella


Sales Rep: Kathy Franz

Phone: 415.464.9350

Email: [email protected]

Mellie J Showroom


Ewa i Walla (Swedish), Les Ours (French)


Sales Rep: Melanie Flood

Phone: 650.352.8688

Email: [email protected]

Total San Francisco reps in database: 24

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