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How I Plan to Use My Social Media

I focus on my website first.

Social media comes after that. I don’t put much effort in it at the moment. I only post once in a while to show I’m not dead 🙂


Follow me on my private Instagram using your brand account to see the B2B contacts I follow.

I used to have over 7k. I made my account private and then spent a year clearing it of spam and fake followers not relevant to the fashion community.

Most contacts I follow are sales reps and after that they are retailers, influencers, and PR firms of the fashion industry. There are some brands I still follow and I will be removing them eventually.

Generally, you won’t find many road reps here. They usually just advertise their email and phone.

You can get their info plus a lot more on my site.

Please follow me on FB before requesting access to Instagram.

I have hundreds of sales reps following me. You won’t find more FREE access and exposure to sales reps anywhere else.

Facebook Page

Follow me on my Facebook Page before requesting access on Instagram. Finding older retailers here that haven’t moved on to other social media.


Currently, I’m not active on Twitter. I intend to shortly.

LinkedIn Company Page

Soon, I’ll be listing buyers from major fashion houses such as Saks Fifth Avenue, Bergdorf Goodman, and others on my website. Connect with me on LinkedIn and follow me on my Company page for access.

LinkedIn Personal Page

If you are a fashion professional and your LinkedIn profiles shows it, connect with me and follow my company page for access to buyers.


Currently, I need to clean it up. I’ll then be studying Pinterest to see how to utilize it to help you grow your business.