This is a sample map of US Apparel Sales Reps.

Feel free to use this contact information to help you get started with growing your sales.

If you would like access to more fashion reps in the US, we have 12 pages of sales reps based on fashion hubs across the US.

The Fashion Hubs available are listed below with the number of reps in brackets.

  • Atlanta (50)
  • Boston (65)
  • Chicago (30)
  • Dallas (30)
  • Denver (15)
  • Los Angeles (90)
  • Miami (15)
  • Mid-Atlantic (9)
  • Minneapolis (1)
  • New York (110)
  • San Francisco (15)
  • Seattle (20)

Total = 450

These fashion sales reps focus on womenswear and includes jewelry and accessories.

If you need Children Sales Reps (50) or Mens Sales Reps (9), then we have separate maps for each that cover all of the US.

Note that the brand listings for the sales reps you see on this page is new info I’ve been adding to the database. It’s not standard info for the maps. It is being added, currently, however, it’s considered “bonus” or “extra” info that is not part of the standard access to the sales reps maps.

All our maps are mobile friendly as well so you can view them on your smartphone or tablet.

Purchasing access gives you 1 year of access. We offer a $60 renewal fee (1 year) for access to all of the Womenswear Sales reps.

During these hard times, I’m offering LIFETIME access to the All US (Womenswear) maps for over 60% off!

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Refunds: There are no refunds after purchasing if I haven’t provided you access. You may use this map as an example of what the individual Sales Hub maps are like. The only difference is that you cannot select a Sales Hub in a map because each map represents 1 Sales Hub.

Purchase Access to Any of the Available Apparel Sales Rep Maps Above

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