Where to Get Grants and Donations in Fashion

Recently, I read about a fashion designer that got some funding from an insurance company! The insurance company was Canada Life. And they gave a $10k dollar grant for the designer to pivot her business from wedding dresses to casual wear and masks.

So, how do you find out about these things apart from happening to get a feed suggestion from Google? 🙂 Well, you have to check companies’ communities pages. Each company generally specializes in certain areas. So, I checked a few where there might be a possibility for fashion related businesses.

I’ll break it down between Canada and the US. I listed just a few from searching the internet and I’ll add more when I get a chance.

Canada Life
The fashion designer Nicole Snobelen got $10k for her business Evelynn.

TD Bank
TD Bank
For TD, they are more known for sponsoring the environment. But, they have two other areas that possibly you can look into:

The TD Ready Challenge
Supports organizations developing innovative solutions for a changing world.

TD Scholarships for Community Leadership
Recipients are students who, like TD, help support change, nurture progress and contribute to making the world a better place.

One of Manulife’s focus area is healthy and active living. So, to me, if you have some amazing activewear, it might be possible.


Tory Burch Foundation
Here, you can get a 1 year virtual fellowship, online community to connect, $5k grant, a trip to Tory Burch’s office.

Halstead Grant
This is for jewelry business start-ups.

Business for All

Bumble Community Grant